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Machine Overview

Rollars are an essential component of doing road construction. They help immensely in making a road firm and in its place. Hence, when you are buying a rollar, make sure it’s of best quality and a reliable brand.

BrandGrader komatsu 505
Engine Make2238
Engine ModelS6D105
Net Power Gear 5-6130hp
Max Power130 hp
Displacement396 cu in
Std Operation Weight - Front Axle6613.9 lb
Std Operation Weight - Total23655.7 lb
Tire Size13.00-24-8 PR
Articulation Angle36 degrees

Turning Radius34.2 ft in
Transmission TypeHydroshift
Number Of Gears - Forward6
Number Of Gears - Reverse6
Max Speed - Forward27 mph
Max Speed - Reverse28 mph
Wheel Lean20 degrees
Oscillation - Total30 degrees
Ground Clearance1.9 ft in
Moldboard Width12.2 ft in
Moldboard Height25.8 in
Moldboard Thickness0.8 in
Max Depth Of Cut19.9 in
Max Reach Outside Tires - Left80.8 in
Max Reach Outside Tires - Right78.8 in
Max Lift Above Ground17 in

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